The value of sensor networks

FunSNM aims at developing methods for assessing the trustworthiness of distributed sensor networks.

The project is divided into three overall areas: the energy distribution sector, manufacturing, and environmental monitoring. Activities will be organized according to these areas and the results will be able to directly affect the areas in question.

It is important to notice, however, that even though the cases only represent a selection of areas, the calibration of sensor networks can be implemented in a very wide context beyond the examples of the project.

The project has two overall phases: The first two years will centre mainly around development of software and how to analyse the data, and the third year will be implementation of the different initiatives. Parts of the project will, however, undergo a smooth transition with implementation already after year one.

The project is expected to provide several benefits such as

  •          Enhanced efficiency of energy distribution networks is expected to drive down the cost of energy.
  •          CO2 emission reduced by six million tonnes.
  •          Financial savings of five billion EUR


The project will furthermore impact standardisation in several fields due to the generic and widely applicable nature of the research reflected in the cases. The earliest impact will be on the work programmes of CEN, ISO, IEC, IEEE and WELMEC technical committees and working groups involved in the standardisation related to the industrial, utility, and environmental applications of the use cases studied.

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  • Communication about the project

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  • How to obtain high quality data

    Working with sensor networks requires that there is a large awarenes on how data is obtained for it to give maximum value.

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